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Here you can find some little tools or other pieces of code, I wrote which I consider useful.

At http://files.rfc2324.org/projects/misc_tools/ is a checked out version of the git repository where I manage those little tools in.

Maybe there is something which can help you to make your live easier.

Tools which might be useful:

  1. dump-ldap.pl: Dump a LDAP database into a directory tree in the filesystem.
  2. mailquota viewer: Collect and present mailserver quotas via CGI script to users
  3. ACPI scripts: A bunch of ACPId event configs and scripts that make handling your thinkpad (and maybe other laptops) easier.
  4. FAI extensions: At the moment only one official FAI extension script which allows the definition of FAI classes based on IP adresses or networks.

If you are interested in my software and want to get noticed about updates and new tools, you might want to subscribe to my 'projects-commit' mailing list.
An archive of older mails is available here