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ssh-keysync is a bunch of scripts, which put all the stored ssh-public-keys of your clients together into on ssh_known_hosts file which ever client will download.

This provides more security against ssh man-in-the-middle attacks.

The idea:

Where can I get this?

Debian packages

You can install ssh-keysync directly from APT
Put the follwing line(s) into the /etc/apt/sources.lists on your machines.

On the client you will need to install rbm-ssh-keysync-client on the ssh-keysync server machine rbm-ssh-keysync-server is needed.

deb http://debian.rfc2324.org/debian/ stable main
deb http://debian.rfc2324.org/debian/ unstable main

Newest version from GIT

To get copy of my GIT repository I manage ssh-keysync in type:

git clone http://git.rfc2324.org/repositories/ssh-keysync.git/